The Top Half of the Big Mac Bun

I really love Burger King and McDonalds but try not to go very often. I know their food is terrible for me, the environment, and a lot of people offer well reasoned explanations why fast food is killing us all, but to me each trip is a small miracle. I can walk in and order a hamburger, only pay about $0.90, wait two minutes, and then be eating it right away. And not only is it super fast and tasty, but they also make a boatload of money selling those cheap burgers. Though the one fast food sandwich I've never been able to get behind is the Big Mac. The thousand island salad dressing they use as special sauce is gross, and I'm not a fan of the extra bottom half of a bun inserted into the middle of the sandwich. It also occurred to me the other day that all the extra top halves of the bun must be going somewhere, and I find the idea that dumpsters full of top halves of buns exist somewhere very disturbing.

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