The 22-Year-Old Racist Virgin Making Bad Choices

Last time I was in Utah, I met a woman who somehow inserted into our conversation that she's a virgin. I thought it was an odd thing to bring up, but then again people like to talk about all kinds of stuff, how's she to know what kind of conversation would interest me? She hung out with us the second day I was in town, too. She was sitting next to me on my friend's couch, and we were watching the movie Blue Velvet on TV. It was very late at night, and she casually mentioned that she'd eaten a couple mushrooms before going on to say something about how much she hates Asian people. Then she looked around the room, expecting a groundswell of support. It didn't arrive, and in the next minute, immediately after the scene near the end of Blue Velvet where Frank walks into an apartment and shoots a corpse that's propped up against the wall, the 22-year-old stood up and walked out of my friend's house leaving the front door open. We just kept sitting there and left it open. It somehow fit in with the whole scene.

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