Deep Fryer Fun

There was a deep fryer in my old house that we always left turned on. If our vegetarian roommate got sick of breathing evaporated meat juices and oil and tried to turn it off, someone in the house would kick it back on "low" so that it'd be ready to make fries, chips, or donuts at a moment's notice. For a few weeks every meal made in the house had some component that was deep fried. The oil was changed a few times and I never questioned what happened to it until I was trying to move a mysterious milk jug on the porch and spilled old peanut oil into my shoes. The deep fryer met its end when someone tried to deep fry cookie dough, which I think still sounds like a brilliant idea. The cookie dough didn't hold up in the heat and in some freaky aspect of chemistry that I'll never understand it melted to the fryer basket. Getting rid of that deep fryer was like losing a pet that you didn't really like all that much. It was sad to see it go, but you knew you'd be better off.

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