Cult of Personality

I watched a TV program on cults today and began to wonder what people who were in cults would think if they watched the show. Would they think the people in the program were nuts, would they empathize with their lot as societal pariah--or would they wonder if they'd joined up with the wrong Kook-Aid-toting band? The premise here was that the cult leader said the world would end on some specific date in March of 2007. That had to be an awkward moment when things didn't go quite the way he thought. I imagine it's like the time I said that Cosby Show took place in Chicago and then we looked it up. I think people worry that they're too malleable when it comes to cults. One of my friends back in Minneapolis won't even go near a certain bookstore because he's convinced he would end up signing over his bank account the moment he walked in the door. Then again, that guy did move to the West Coast because some guy at a bar told him there were hot women out there. Maybe he's better off steering clear.

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