Sheep! All of You!

Twice in my life a passerby has yelled "Sheep!" at a group I was part of. The first time was when I'd stopped at a heavy metal bar to get a drink, but the place was inherently terrible since it was a heavy metal bar, so I decided to just use their bathroom then leave. While standing in line, a guy walking past yelled, "Stand in line! Just like they tell you! Sheep!" I'm not sure what he would have rather had us do. Maybe instead of being a conformist I could have wet my pants. He probably would have given me a high-five for sticking to my contrarian value set. The second time was time someone yelled, "Sheep! All of you!" was a couple days ago when I was standing over my bike waiting for a bunch of people in suits to cross the street. It was a little funny, but the guy who yelled it was an insane transient, which took some of the polish off. Also, walking to work in a suit beats the alternative lifestyle espoused by the transient.

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