All These Houses Look Alike

A roommate's co-worker came in from the suburbs one Thursday night when we were going to a couple bars. After some local drink specials and zealous karaoke, he was in no shape to drive home, so we set him up in another roommate's bedroom who was off working on a cruise ship for a few months. We propped the guy in bed and then settled in for the night, and I didn't think twice when I saw he was gone in the morning. A couple weeks later I found out that we made a mistake putting him in the only bedroom that had a private entrance from outside. He apparently woke up in the middle of the night with the urgent need to throw up, and stumbled outside since he couldn't find anywhere else suitable, which is reasonable since he came to in a strange bedroom that was pitch black. His trouble arose when, after he was done being sick, he went back inside. He sat on the couch and said, "Are you guys Nate's roommates?" To which one replied, "I think you're in the wrong house man." He's lucky that the two guys sitting on our neighbors couch were stoners rather than gun nuts.

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