A Complete Set, One Day

Growing up my family had a set of glasses in the kitchen cupboard. We used them for every meal from breakfast to dinner to malts before bed. It was a perfect set that tucked right into the corner of the cabinet when we weren't using them. This idea, a perfect set of glasses, has always eluded me. Right now I'm drinking out of a glass that I got at a stock photography event two years ago. They were handing out beer with their logo on some custom glasses, and when everyone left early the woman there told me I could take as many of them as I wanted. I took four. We have one left. The others shattered in dishwashers or knocked to the hardwood floor by elbows, never to rise again. The closest I got was after my wedding — I had a perfect set of glasses: Four highballs, four rocks glasses, six red wine glasses, and four white wine glasses. I know we still have one rocks glass left, but you have to be careful which side you drink from since the rim is jagged at one spot. Two of the white wine glasses survive. I don't know how my parents did it. Those glasses really hung around.

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