It's Time For A Very Important Meeting

I would seldom interact with clients at my old job. Most of it was sitting behind a computer, talking to stakeholders inside the company, and producing work. So, when we'd have a meeting with people who didn't work for our company, my immediate colleagues and I would all get bent out of shape about our schedule conflicts, but they weren't real conflicts, they were things like we were planning to go to the gym or we had an appointment at the Genius Bar. We'd sort out our conflicts over the course of a week, then on the day of the meeting, we'd all show up with collared shirts and jeans not too visibly worn or with holes large enough that you could see anything bad. One particular meeting I remember there were even a couple dresses worn. We had started gathering just a minute before the meeting because we realized we had no idea where it was, and at the same moment the phones on all our desks rang. We stood there with piles of business cards and printouts of our PowerPoint decks, and it took us a few moments to realize that we'd all dressed up for a meeting that was being held over the phone. That was how we found out about phone meetings, and no one ever had to dress up again.

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