Time Travel App

This year I'm trying to embrace the shortening of days. I used to get angry leaving work and riding home in the dark when the sun started going down at 6, and then I would get angrier when the time change would occur and the sun would set at 5pm. The truth is that I think I'm well established enough at work now that I could declare to my co-workers that I no longer recognized daylight savings time, and henceforce I would be arriving at work an hour early (their time) and leaving an hour early (their time). Or even better, here's an idea for aspiring app developers: a system that shows you the time as if daylight savings time never started, but then when you entered the time on your shared calendars or email, it would automatically be changed to what some people would consider the "correct" time. App developers: You can have the idea at no charge, all I want is a free download.

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