When Obama Comes to Town

Just before the last presidential election I had to sit on the street corner for ten minutes waiting for Obama's motorcade to roll across town on 12th st. They'd blocked all the side streets and weren't letting anyone through. He zipped past in his car, or one of his cars, they had three identical limos. Earlier in the day, in another part of town he'd drive past, cops had chopped locks off all the bikes that were locked up and piled them in a flatbed. I'd never seen them do that before, and as baseless as some police actions can be, I have to image that they had some kind of tip. Maybe someone hiding explosives in a bike, and they elected not to take any chances. I can only imagine that the bike tip came from some terrorist chatter around the globe. Some guy in Taliban land sends his friend an email about using bombs in bikes and then my friends have to go wait in line at the police station to claim their bikes. So that's another thing the terrorists ruined. Locking up my bike in NY when the president comes to town. And I doubt they even know about their terror attacks of inconvenience.

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