The Puzzlemaster

Three days ago at the grocery store I saw something I'd never seen before: a bunch of dented  24oz, throwback Miller Lite cans on sale. If beer has ever gone on sale, I don't recall being there. And, in spite of trying to resist buying items merely for their brand, I'm attracted to the old-style Miller Lite cans. They remind me of my childhood as much as Blatz poptops, which have been banned since they cut up so many kids' feet. Then yesterday, at the same store, a shelf full of dented St. Patrick's Day themed 16oz cans of Budweiser for $1.39 each. I had to buy them to see if they were green. Three of them. They weren't, and since I couldn't remember when St Pat's Day was, I don't know if it was a good deal. So, I was trying to figure out why my local grocery store has all these beers on sale now after years of never having beer on sale, and my theory is that a beer truck got into an accident and they bought all of the slightly damaged beer at auction.