Steering Wheel Suicide Knobs

It's shocking to me that some places with people and buildings still let 16 year olds drive cars. I know that South Dakota allows 12 year olds to drive, but that's fine with me since there's nothing for them to run into. It's pretty easy to avoid a barn. Today while I was tying a bag onto my bike handlebars I took a moment to consider all possible outcomes of my handiwork. Would the bag swing around and lock up my brake causing me to come to a sudden halt via the friction between my face and the pavement? Would it swing into my front wheel producing the same result as above? I anointed the tie-job safe and rode across town without incident, but my mental safety check is rooted in my 16-year-old driving history. I once jammed an empty soda bottle into my car's steering wheel to use as a "spinner knob" that you used to see on some vehicles. I did not do a dry run, and at the first intersection the bottom of the bottle hit the turn signal arresting my ability to continue turing the wheel, and I drove straight into the curb. I escaped the incident without harm to my car or body, but it was a valuable lesson in thinking things out a bit further when I have idiotic ideas.

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