These Are The Donuts Days

One of my colleagues is this sweet, soft-spoken guy who never gets anything quite right. He files his taxes the day after they're due and once used a strainer as an ice bucket on his coffee table. He's one of those people you cheer for because you like him, but you always know in your heart that it's not going to end well. I hope he never quits his job to start his own business. The other day, on his way to work, he stopped and picked up four dozen Dunkin' donuts to share with everyone. Another of his selfless gestures. The day before had been a slow news day, and the prior evening the local news outlets all led with the same story: a citizen journalist had shot video of a rat running all of donuts at one particular Dunkin' donuts location. He must have been the only person in the office that hadn't seen that report. Poor guy. I ate one of his rat donuts because I felt so sorry for him.

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