That's Rather Inappropriate

Have you ever said something so horrible that people assumed it was a joke and laughed? I was at dinner the other night with friends. A dark, crowded space. Not expensive, but just overpriced enough to be annoying. Our server spoke too loud for the space, she stumbled over her words, and her timing was all off. She was quite drunk but promised to "hook us up" before staggering away from our table. Some food arrived late, but she made up for it by delivering other food early and spilling wine on the table. When she was bending over setting down a dish the fringes of her scarf caught on fire, but she worked on oblivious. I said, "Excuse me, you're on fire." She handled it with grace, waving her arm in a windmill-like motion and patting the fire out. As soon as she walked away from the table I said, "I should have let her burn." My friend Frank laughed really hard.

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