New Cyclist Advice

I ended up pedaling around a mountain bike park with a stranger I met on the trail last weekend. His bike was bright and shiny, as was all his gear. He said, "I like riding with you because you go slow." He was right, too many pints of high point ale the night before (though I pretty much always ride slow.) He asked me how long I'd been biking off road (since high school), and I asked him (he was new to it). I tried to explain clipless pedals, and then he asked if I had any advice for him. If I knew him at all, I would have said, "Take the reflectors off your bike." The only advice I wanted to give him was, "Don't be a dick," which is valuable advice for everyone, but I thought telling him that would have made me seem like kind of a dick, so I let him pass me. He dropped me about five minutes later.

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