Using the Work Email

Some of my friends use their work email addresses to receive their personal emails. I've asked them to give me their actual personal email addresses, and they have, but I've found they never check those. This is baffling behavior. Humans my own age who don't separate their personal email from their work? This is bad decision making. I've found if I want to get in touch with these people quickly via email, I'm forced to send emails to their office. But, there's an upside. I discovered it when I forwarded these work email folks a message from my friend detailing things to do in New Orleans. The message was laced with obscenity, and I found out later that two friends I'd sent it to were contacted by their Human Resources department about obscene use of the Internet on company time. So, now I always have that in my back pocket. Anytime I want to humiliate these friends, all I have to do is send them an email detailing all their recent bad decisions.

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