They Do Mixology

There's a bar near my house that goes after a speakeasy vibe. They lack a proper sign, the entrance is through an apartment, and they have inordinately priced, very spiritous drinks with names like Goon Squad and Duck Killer. They also have a doorman, and if I'm being honest, I've never met a doorman I liked. If I see a bar with a doorman I will assume that there is a much more pleasant place nearby with a more welcoming ambiance and much cheaper drinks. But, I'm always willing to make an exception for great cocktails, so I endure the doorman, but it is always a trial. Last time he made us stand in front of the door for a few minutes while he checked all our IDs ("Take it out of the plastic, sir"), then he radioed upstairs and waited for confirmation before sending us up. We walked in and found we had the place to ourselves. On a related note, I've found that strong drinks are very helpful in forgiving idiots for being terrible at their jobs.

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