The Car Dealer

I joined one of my friends on several scouting missions when he was going to car dealerships looking for a new vehicle. It's fun to wheel around parking lots squealing tires on new cars and seeing how the radio "handles some volume." I feel for the car salespeople who white-knuckled it along on our test drives wondering if they'd ever see their dear families again, but we always made it back. Then one day my friend found a car, signed the papers, and then noticed that the dealership was charging him an outrageous interest rate on the financing. What to do? He'd already signed. It ended with him turning the contract into confetti by hand before they made any copies of it, and we drove away in his old car wondering if we'd broken any laws. I expect to hear from him, years later, when he emails me a photo of that contract held together with clear tape and sitting in a bag marked "evidence."

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