The American Museum of Natural History

Whoever laid out the museum of natural history must have spent a great deal of time lost in jungles and deserts while out collecting specimens. This place has no sense of flow. Finding the oceans exhibit from the North American animals exhibit looks as simple as walking through a couple halls, but nothing adds up. It doesn't help that the museum's map looks like the game board from Clue. I found a mid-museum help desk and approached to ask the woman there how to find the oceans exhibit, but another person beat me there. Only she didn't have a question, she had an opinion. She showed the help desk attendant the map and took several minutes to explain in precise terms why the map was terrible. I hovered over her, making sure that she understood I was waiting, but it did nothing. The thing is that I agreed with her assessment of the map, but I am burdened with enough common sense to know that berating someone in the middle of the museum at a help desk isn't going to accomplish anything. In the end, I found out the oceans exhibit was right next to the cafeteria, which is the only thing with signs that point you in the right direction.

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