My Ridiculous Boots

Even when I was living in the shadows of the mountains I seldom needed huge winter boots. Most of the time you can get away with sneakers so long as you don't run though any puddles, which is why my huge winter boots are in my parents' garage several hundred miles away. I'll only need them once or twice each winter, and when I do I find that I can use my huge hiking boots instead. They're so burly that I've worn them with crampons and kicked my way across ice fields, but in the city they're ridiculous overkill. It used to bother me that I looked like such an impostor when I wore them, but then today I saw a guy wearing an entire high end ski outfit, including goggles, and for some reason a climbing harness. That guy didn't look like an impostor, he looked like a guy ready for anything, if perhaps a bit over-prepared.

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