Dystopia Food

I was thinking about food and technology the other day. It seems to me that an enterprising business could create some kind of processed diet that you adopt, either to replace your entire normal diet or only when you don't have time for a real meal. They could have stores that sell nutritious, compact, meals-in-a-bar, and I suspect they could even be made to taste pretty good. Setup your supply chains and scale the business enough, I bet it wouldn't even cost that much to buy this food. Maybe get some government contracts, get the stuff in schools, and you're on the way to becoming a billionaire. Then I realized that this kind of techno-food is a plot line in almost every dystopian novel (Soylent Green is people!), and further, it occurred to me that smoothies pretty much meet all the needs of what I was describing. Does this mean we'll be drinking smoothies more in our human filing cabinet, digital, dystopian future? Perhaps, but they're delicious so I'm okay with it.

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