Aspirations for an Olympic Moment

I know that I will never be on the U.S.A. Olympic team, but why couldn't I be on, say, the Seychelles team? Or why couldn't I represent the republic of Nauru as the country's sole entrant in curling? I found out today that the Jamaican bobsled team used some crowdfunding to get enough cash to cover their traveling expenses, and the third thing I thought after hearing that was, "Why don't people with too much money pay small nations to let them compete under their flags?" (My first thought was of the film Cool Runnings, and my second was, of course, for John Candy.) I suspect the people who run the Olympics have some rules in place to prevent very rich people from making a mockery of the games, but there's always a way around these administrative procedures. Time to launch my Kickstater page to become the first snowlerblader to take on the downhill course (while flying my Cook Islands flag).

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