Gift Buying Woes

Every year my wife and I agree not to get each other anything for Christmas. We travel for the holiday, and it's expensive, and neither of us needs anything all that bad, so we agree to save our money to go somewhere or do something fun. And one year I actually didn't get her anything, but she got me something, something small. I should have at least gotten her a card and wrapped up something I found around the house because now we agree that we won't buy each other gifts, but in spite of that weak accord it's like kicking off an arms race. As I count it, right now we have unused gift certificates for cooking classes, sailing classes, and I know there's an Apple gift card stuck somewhere in a book I've never read. This year I'm going to use all those gift certificates in one weekend and take pictures of myself and frame them as her gift. It'll go over well, you'll see.

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