Get Outta Here

I was an hour into a redeye flight to Europe drinking whiskey and watching Tron on a screen a few inches from my face. I took a break to test out my sleep mask and neck pillow, and my wife snapped a photo of me and the flash lit up half the plane. I tucked back into the whiskey and Tron, and some guy came over and was standing inches from me talking to my wife. I thought it was a steward asking if we wanted anything, but then I noticed the guy didn't have a uniform on. I took my headphones off to my wife saying "He's my husband, get out of here!" It was a bewildering conversation to wade into. The guy left. It turns out he'd come over to tell my wife that she shouldn't take photos of people without their permission. I'm not sure if he thought he was in the photo, or if he thought she was some creeper taking photos of a person in a sleep mask. Either way, it's not the kind of confrontation you want to have at the beginning of a 7-hour flight.

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