What's The Best Cheap Beer Out There?

Some people commit their lives to the search for truth or justice. Me? I've been looking for a good cheap beer. The problem inherent in finding one is that all cheap beer is manufactured (I didn't say "brewed" on purpose) by massive multi-national corporations that work very hard to keep competition from better-tasting beers a bay. And yes, those more expensive beers almost all taste better than anything you get for $5 a 12-pack, but we're looking for cooler-filling quantities here. The ski community swears by Pabst Blue Ribbon, which is quite good unless it gets within an inch of warm when it takes on a pale milk taste. Anything cheap with the word "light" in it tastes essentially the same (like nothingness), so I've concentrated on the heavy options. Of the scores I've experimented with, it pains me to say that Coors (the Banquet Beer, whatever that is) is near the top. As well as Busch heavy if you can ever find it on tap, and of course PBR if you have the means of keeping it cold. Though, like all matters of personal opinion whether they be ski width or country music, it all comes down to what you really like. Just please never offer me a Natural Light Ice.

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