The Leaseholder

My sink was leaking in my apartment the other day. Actually, it's been leaking for about a year, but I only called to tell my building maintenance about it the other day. They listened to my complaint and offered to send someone in the next hour. It usually takes a week to get anything fixed, so this leaky sink must be on their emergency list. I told them I wouldn't be around, but they had permission to enter my apartment and do the work while I wasn't there. The maintenance person asked, "Are you the leaseholder?" I am not. So I said, "No, my wife is," and maintenance replied, "Oh, you'll have to have her call, only the leaseholder can authorize entry." We sat on our opposite sides of the phone for a few moments. I broke the silence and said, "Oh! What am I talking about! I'm the leaseholder," in my very male voice. "Okay sir, we'll send someone in the next hour." The point of this boring story is that if you're choosing your child's name and on the fence about whether a gender-neutral name is a good idea, I can tell you that it really pays off sometimes.

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