Rental Insurance

I love declining the extra insurance at rental car counters. The clerk tries to scare you by saying you'll be responsible "even if the accident isn't your fault," but I'm not naive enough to fall for that anymore. I rent it on my credit card, and they cover it. I always tell the clerk this, and they always say, "They'll just charge your card for the amount of the car if you get in an accident." Good More people must be getting wise to the insurance, because now they try to add on a GPS (my phone has one) and sell me a full tank of gas when all I'm going to do is drive back-and-forth from the airport. If I ever do get the insurance, you can bet I'm going to get into an accident. Not as some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, but because it's so expensive for insurance that you pretty much need to total the car to get your money's worth.

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