Text Message Jobs

I got a text message from a wrong number the other day that went into great depth about a job interview and their chances of being hired. I considered the possibility of messing with them for a moment, but I know that the interview process can be rather stressful, so I wrote back, "You have the wrong number," and then in an attempt at civility, "but it sounds interesting. Good luck!" The person wrote back within seconds saying how wonderful an opportunity it was. Then they wrote back again saying they'd be sure to direct the text to the correct person. Look, I don't care whether you do or not, strange person. That's not what I was worried about. All I can think is that this person must have thought the 'wrong text' was another part of this strange company's vast interview process, and they were making sure to cover all their bases. I feel like, based on that knowledge alone, I could write this person a recommendation: "Hire this maniacal person. They really, really want the job, and I can assure you they will go to great lengths of self delusion to love the job. One issue: Not the best with attention to detail."

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