Odd Noises Late at Night

Every day I bike to work I remember just as I'm walking out the door that I meant to inflate my tires. But by that time I'm either in a winter coat and on the verge of overheating, or I'm wearing the shirt that I'll wear at work, and seeing as how my bike is covered in grime, I can't pump up the tires without getting sludge all over my work clothes. Not that anyone would notice, but I try to be professional in my own way. So, when I should pump up my tires at least once I week, I go about once every three weeks, letting them get dangerously low before remembering, most times late at night, and then getting out of bed to pump them up. As our floors and ceilings are very thin in our building, I wonder what my downstairs neighbors think I'm doing. If I ever get arrested and put on national television, they'll be the neighbors who tell reporters that "there were always odd noises coming from his place late at night."

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