Goodbye to the Neighbor

I've come to know very few of my neighbors. There were the sisters in Utah whose cat once peed on my roommate's messenger bag. The party people in Minneapolis that my friend mingled with thinking they were my roommates after he wandered outside and went back into the wrong house. And now, my neighbor who I know perhaps best of all of them, the guy who can see our TV and sometimes comes over when we're watching something good. He's moving across the country tomorrow. I have to say I'll miss him, and not just because sometimes he'd pop over with an armload of liquor bottles to share a new concoction with me. I've come to know him a bit, and I'll miss his occasional and easy company. And I'll also miss that he never had any shame in coming over and talking to us about what we were watching on TV. Most humans would pretend they didn't know what you were doing in your private life, even if it were obvious. Not many people can pull off that strange level of bluntness and retain their charm.

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