The Airplane Air

They say you're more likely to get sick from the person sitting next to you on the plane than you are breathing the air that gets recirculated. The point is that modern virus-killing recirculators get rid of almost all the risk, but their logic brings up the point that you have no defense against the sick people sitting around you. And there are a lot of people sitting around you on the plane, those things are crowded. I know people say "don't fly sick," but it's not like airlines let you cancel a ticket and rebook for free when you have a cold. I'm sure almost everyone keeps their flights when they're a little sick. So what to do? Donning a gasmask would be the best, but it would raise serious concerns among everyone aboard. I think I'll begin coughing a lot as soon as I sit down on the plane so that my neighbors make sure to do all of their breathing as far away from me as possible.

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