Terminal Mix Up

At JFK Airport there's a terminal 2/3. They're technically separate terminals, but the Airtrain that drops you off at the terminals only makes one stop for both of them, and it's called terminal 2/3. I had my flight in terminal 3, and like most normal people I assumed that after the train stopped at terminal 1, then terminal 2, I'd stand up and then walk off into terminal 3 at the next stop. So when the robot voice on the Airtrain announces terminal 2/3, everyone who's on a flight leaving terminal 3 panics and makes a mad rush for the door. It was annoying for me, but a nightmare for the poor guy on the train standing next to me. He worked for the TSA and was wearing his uniform on his way to work, so everyone looks to him for order but he's just commuting. I don't know how much they pay TSA people, but I hope they factor into their pay that they begin working the second they put on their uniform.

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