Unappetizing Bartenders

Last weekend I ate dinner while sitting at the bar in an overpriced restaurant. I was a little annoyed that I was paying so much for diner food, but what annoyed me even more was the bartender. He was fine, kept to himself, and he mostly kept busy making drinks for the servers to take to people sitting at tables. But after I was sitting there for about a half-hour, I noticed that he took a sip out of one of the drinks he'd made. And not a sip with a tasting straw, he took a drink right out of the glass and then invited a server to test it too. I tried to ignore it so I wouldn't lose my appetite, but then I saw him make two more drinks, and he kept taking sips out of one of them. I was appalled, and on the verge of asking if he planned on serving that drink, when he dumped it out in the sink. Perhaps he was just making new drinks and testing them out, and maybe that first one went in the sink when I wasn't looking. Either way, I'll stick to bottled beer if I ever go there again.

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