Legacy Laptops

I live in a very old building with plaster walls that crumble apart like shale when you try to pound in a nail or drill a hole in the wall. And I now have four massive holes in my wall from hanging my TV when I decided to drill straight through into my bedroom and bolt it up (don't tell my landlord). I was thinking about what to do when I move out, and I'm sure we'll be able to patch the holes, though I suspect it will be a massive undertaking. It just so happens that I also have two old laptops I need to get rid of. If at all possible, I've decided to widen one of the holes to the point where I could put the laptops inside the wall before patching it up as a kind of time capsule for whoever ends up taking down the wall. Even if it's the person who moves into the apartment right after I move out, the laptops are still very old.

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