Get The Signature

I've only gotten one autograph in my life. I guess I was about 10 years old, and I went to see a TV show hosted by then Packers Coach Lindy Infante. I sat in the audience while the 20 minute show was taped having no idea what was going on, and then I went to the stage afterwards and like every other kid there I got Coach's autograph. It hung on my bulletin board for as long as I had one. In spite of the fond memory, getting autographs makes no sense to me. On some level it's collecting, and people collect all kinds of weird garbage, but seeking autographs is such a huge worldwide phenomenon that it's much bigger than that. Why do you want someone's signature? I suppose it's to prove that you met the person. But it's not like you tell your friends you met the coach of the Green Bay Packers and any of them ask to see his signature to verify. They don't know what his signature looks like. And you probably shouldn't be friends with people who require ink-and-paper evidence to back up all your stories.

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