Double Space, Margins, Font

At some point in our recent history people stopped putting two spaces between sentences. I believe it coincided with the rise of the Internet. This is fine with me, and I've grown so accustomed to reading and writing with one space that seeing a document written with double spaces feels old timey and tired. Kids in high school right now don't realize how much they're missing out. Back in the day, a paper that was 3/4 of a page long could be extended to a full page by cutting enough of your sentences into two sentences and adding the appropriate numbers of spaces between them, then tweaking your margins and font. Now teachers rely on word count, something that used to be impossible since everything was submitted on printed sheets. Of course, kids now have the Internet which also makes it plenty easy to find more information to fill one page, but I'm sure that makes it even harder to write a paper when you teacher tells you to "make it as long as it needs to be."

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