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In spite of vowing to make nature as much a part of my life as technology and striving to have a minimal impact on the environment, I'm a huge geek for new phone technology. I rationalize it by telling myself that my phone is the one piece of hardware I carry at all times, and even if I spend a lot of money on it, I know I'll get a lot of use out of it. So Google came out with a brand new phone and the big draw for me is that I can buy this new one and get all the latest cool software right away without waiting several months for my service provider to layer all their interface garbage on top of it and release it. I know logically that buying it will not improve my quality of life even marginally, and yet I still have the irresistible urge to plunge headlong into the latest and greatest. It's times like this that I ponder the seemingly bizarre and maniac obsessions of our predecessors (witch trials in Salem, for example) and feel some kind of connection with their seemingly wild and irrational decisions.

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