Guy or Gee

I worked for years at a gear shop with a guy named Guy (pronounced "gee," rhymes with "fee"). Then one day his father popped into the shop to say hi, and we all overheard him talking to Guy, except he called him "Guy" (rhymes with "why"). It would seem that Guy's parents had called him by this very American pronunciation all his life, but one day Guy flipped and chose to embrace the French pronunciation. Why is unclear, so we asked his dad about it and he couldn't offer any insight. I would find it annoying to have to constantly correct people whenever they pronounce your name like it's spelled, but Guy was a very educated person, he knew what he was doing. Of course, everyone is free to call themselves whatever they please, but for reasons I can't understand, it feels to me like cheating. The same goes for rIon and Cosmo who I used to work with. It was a liberal workplace.

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