Choosing Liverpool

I love watching soccer, but outside of the World Cup I don't have a natural team to support. So, for the first time in my life, I found myself in the position of looking at all of the teams and choosing the one I'd cheer for. I ended up choosing Liverpool, and I've been reflecting on that choice. If I wanted to go for a sure winner, I'd have picked Manchester United. These are the Yankees of soccer, the team with the huge payroll and tons of wins, but I turned them down for Liverpool. But why? It would make sense to choose the winningest team. Am I a glutton for punishment? Or do I feel I don't deserve to be a winner? Perhaps a bit of both. There's something so disingenuous in cheering for a winner when they're winning that I can't do it. Better to stake an outsider and enjoy the ride to glory with them. I may be waiting awhile in this case.

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