The Coffee Hustle

My office goes through about two coffee bags of Starbucks beans every day. I found out that if you take the empty bags to some Starbucks locations, they'll give you a free tall coffee. I haven't done it yet since it's easier to drink coffee at work than to walk to Starbucks. Plus I'd have to go to the trouble of learning the shifts of the employees at the local Starbucks so that I could keep up the hustle for as long as possible, and that's even more work. But while carrying around the empty coffee bags I've discovered an even better use for them: they get rid of the smell in my gym bag. Well, it's more like they overpower the smell than get rid of it. The only bad side affect is that I can now smell coffee in my bedroom from the empty bags, and it's messing up my sleep habits. Still, it's better than my bedroom smelling like an old gym bag.

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