The Red Eye

I'm not a good flyer. I can't sleep on planes, and I get very nervous even though I logically know that my nerves are futile. Red eye flights are the worst for me. By nature they often go from the West to the East, so I'll get on late at night after passing a few hours in the airport bar steeling my nerves. Then I'll stay up the entire night alternating between reading and watching funny movies on the plane's TV or my phone. And I'll drink beer. But at some point almost everyone's asleep and the stewards don't come around offering beers, and then at another much worse point, it's closer to morning than evening, and I refuse to be the belligerent drunk guy who stays up until 6am ordering beer. So I just sit there and make the flight miserable for everyone around me with periodic trips to the restroom and bouts of laughter at my phone. Then the flight's over and I survived. Works every time. So far, at least.

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