Paddle Tennis Time

I played paddle tennis for the first time a few weeks back. The game is played using small wooden racquets on a small tennis court. You could either call it small tennis or huge ping-pong and you'd be right in both cases. To play you use a conventional tennis ball that you've deadened with a syringe. That deadening a ball from another sport with a syringe is part of the official rules is troubling. It's the only sport I play where you're required to own a syringe. If you're unfamiliar with the game don't worry, it seems no one knows what it is or the precise rules. About ten people who walked past the court while we were playing asked us what we were doing while they were fetching the balls we'd lost over the fence. These are people who live by the courts that have been here for decades. Perhaps it is a sport that one of my neighbors simply made up and created an official website.

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