The Trash Talker

Every week I see the guy who picks up trash in my neighborhood at least once, and every time he's talking on the phone. He holds it with one hand while picking up bags full of recyclable bottles with the other and tosses them into the back of his truck. I can talk on the phone for about 30 minutes, maximum. And that's when I have something to say or want to reconnect with someone; I can't look at this guy without wondering what on Earth he could be talking about all the time. I can't even sit with a person and talk to them constantly for that long, doing it on the phone would be impossible. And doesn't the person on the other end wonder about the constant clanking of glass bottles? And why, of all the people in the world who wear Bluetooth headsets and have no use for them, doesn't this guy who could actually have his life improved by the technology not use one? Next time I see him I'm going to follow him around and listen to his conversation, hopefully I pick up some tips on how to talk on the phone.

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