The Laughter

It's always nice to share a laugh with someone else. It makes you seem less like a maniac than when you laugh out loud by yourself. But I've still never understood the behavior of one of my old colleagues. We'd sometimes watch a funny movie together, and every time there was a funny scene, he'd laugh and then turn to look at me to make sure I was also laughing. It made me very uncomfortable. No one else I know behaves like that, so I'm sure he wasn't turning because I have some strange laugh, but his constant looks began to make me self-conscious anyway. I was wondering what he was looking at, and then before long, I stopped laughing whenever he'd look at me. So then it was just one guy laughing and looking at the other, and the other guy sitting and staring back. My theory is that this scenario had played out so many times with him and other people so many times, that now he always looks at people to make sure they're still laughing when they're around him. A classic doom loop.

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