The Bachelor Party

I went to a bachelor party the other weekend that was being hosted in a park. I brought a huge waterproof backpack filled with beer and ice and was an instant hit though I only knew a few people. Bringing beer makes friends. My waterproof backpack was stored on the bottom of a pile of luggage in my closet, and in my haste to grab it I tried to pull it out the way a magician pulls a tablecloth out from a fully set table. It did not go well. The top piece of luggage came screaming out of the closet and bashed me in the nose, opening up a bloody gash on the bridge. I went to the party and it wasn't a big deal, but then on Monday I had to go back to work. During the what-did-you-do-this-weekend chat I mentioned a bachelor party, and with a busted up nose I'm sure people thought it was more exciting than it actually was. The truth is we just played Frisbee and croquet.

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