Olympic Judo

I suffered Olympic fatigue before the games were over. And I only watched it a bit at night and read the newspaper articles. I can't imagine how tired my parents were of the coverage keeping tabs on four channels during the day. On the last day of events the volleyball finals were hosted. Being in the Olympics on the last day is the worst draw if you're an athlete who's not planning on winning, I imagine. The best would be being in the judo competition and winning gold the very first day of the games. Being a volleyball player is like knowing you have to make a big speech and you're the last one to talk. You don't get to unwind at all. You sit through everything tense, preparing for your time to shine, and then it comes, it's over, and the games are over. Meanwhile the judo guys have been walking around the Olympic village for two weeks wearing medals and getting drinks bought for them everywhere they go. Sometimes it pays to be obsessed and involved with fringe sports.

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