Gym Locks

I realized I'd lost my gym lock while standing in the locker room sorting through my gym bag. It's the second time I've left it hanging on the locker when I was on my way out. From prior experience I know that the front desk has a garbage bag that weighs about 30 pounds full of old locks. It wouldn't be so bad to sort through if they weren't all identical. With no prospect of a workout I headed to the front desk to try anyway. The guy there gave me a sad look and dragged the bag of useless locks from behind the desk. I took the first one on top of the bag and it turned out to be mine. I told the guy and he said, "This is literally the first time in the history of our gym that someone's found the right lock." I pushed my luck and won. Next time I lose my lock instead of going to the desk I'm just going to steal everything out of an unlocked locker and leave.

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