Caught Off Guard

In general I'm a pretty relaxed guy, but if I'm called upon to talk in front of a large group and I've had no advanced notice all bets are off. There's something about finding yourself thrust into the spotlight holding a microphone while a roomful of patient, polite people wait to see if you're going to have anything to say that's worth their time. I never do, until a few hours later after thinking about it and coming up with all kinds of great, articulate points and insights I could have shared. It's like when you get into an argument with someone and are caught off guard, but hours and days later you come up with new points that would have eviscerated them. You think, "If only I could do it over." But then the next argument or public speech rolls around and you're left fumbling. It would be worth my time to come up with a list of erudite facts I could share that would make me sound smart on any topic. Speaking of which, did you know Costa Rica is not an island?

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