Wedding Fair

I've learned that it is customary for people who can't make it to your wedding to send a gift anyway. This is not fair. If someone comes to your wedding to eat, dance, and drink tons of free booze, then it's understandable that they would give a gift. But if they stay home and avoid the wedding, then I say there's no need for a gift. I knew a woman who was part of a friend group, and her frenemy among the group got married. That woman invited her to the wedding, but only out of courtesy to all their mutual friends. The person who really got screwed in the deal wasn't the bride who had to invite someone she didn't like, it was the woman who was on the receiving end of that invite. If she goes, she has to spend a lot of money to travel and stay in a hotel, and if she skips it to stay home, then that girl who's getting married doesn't have to see her, plus she gets a gift. The frenemy ended up attending the wedding and making a scene (and giving a gift), which is especially fair in this case. 

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