Taxi Rate Hike in New York

Good news, taxi fares are going up 17% in New York City. Sure, it's bad for those days you need to carry home six grocery bags from Trader Joes or get to the airport in short order, but the timing of it couldn't be better. The fare hike hits in fall, and this summer (in a matter of weeks) Citi Bike kicks off. This is the bike share program that took years to take root in New York while the planet's other capitals of culture got theirs ages ago. The New York bike share took so long because the city refused to pay any part of the operation and required a private company to step in and foot the bill through advertising. Citi Bike is run by Citi Bank, who I have little love for, but I have to admire that they're spending some of their ridiculously huge marketing budget getting New Yorkers on bikes. If I had a Citi Bank account I'd feel a little bit better about all the ridiculous fees they surely would have charged me over the years. 

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